Forex Signals and Best Signal Providers

Forex trading is very challenging, testing nerves and tests the ability to make decisions under tremendous pressure. There are few factors which a trader should overcome to be successful in forex trading. The alternative to all those pressure is to use a signal provider. The signal provider is basically a professional trading executing its trades in normal manner and those trade entries, stop, limit and exit are also conveys to other people.  The signals can be sent through any messenger, E-Mail or any other form of communication. It is then up to the user to decide that how it would use those signals. They can either trade those signals manually into the system or they can use an application to automatically execute those signals. 

A new form of signals is also very much available in the market and is called the scripts. These are codes written in a language acceptable by most of the trading platform and are based on rules and conditions of normal trading parameters.
There are some specialized companies that are providing tools and platforms that both signal providers and investors can use. The signal provider uses their interface to trade and signals are automatically generated which the investors can set to automatically trade on their accounts.

Although there are thousands of signal providers in the market but the quality and consistency is very low and it is very hard to find a good signal provider with authenticated past performance. Automated trading platforms have taken the signal provider's role on their shoulders as most of the signal providers are now working with them. From a trader's point of view, they have the option to choose from a good list of signal providers and secondly all the past performance of those signal providers is verified trade by trade.

Automaticx, Zulutrade, Strategy Runner and FX-Auto are some of the names that use automated trading platforms to execute trades. These systems maintain past trading history of all trades executes by the signal providers and the investor can easily browse them for the best signal provider according to their account size and aggression level. These platforms also provide some of the very useful tools and allow the investor to control all of the operations in their account.

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